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September 2nd ~ 3rd 2014
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454 Exhibitors
Exhibitor List

A Bit Quackers E 263 Garden Ornaments
A S T A Piante srl B 61 Nursery Stock
AB Buxus OP23+24 Buxus
Access Irrigation Ltd E71 Irrigation
ACT Publishing E 70 Publishing
Adrian Ayley UK Ltd B 53 Agent
Advance Bunzl plc D 42+51 Labelling
Aeroplas Ltd B 105+106 Pots/Trays/Containers
AFK Marketing Ltd E 208,209,240+241 Garden Furniture
Agri Management Solutions D 128 Irrigation
Agrovista UK Ltd D 84 Cropcare
Agrumi Ltd OP16 Ornamental Plants
AHDB - Horticulture E 92 Research & Development
Akamba E 210,211,238,239 Metal Garden Ornaments

Alderney Race Ltd

E208+240 Garden Tools
Allensmore Nurseries Ltd C 6+7 Bedding Plants
Alpha Plants E 2 Bedding/Basket Plants

Alweco Screens       

D 85      

Glasshouse Screens
Anglia Group of Nurseries B 36+55   Nursery Stock
Anglo Eastern Trading Co Ltd B 56+57 Planters, Baskets, Troughs
Apac Packaging Ltd C 20+31 Packaging & Floristry Products

Applied Sterilisation Technoloogies (AST)

D 14 Sterilisation
APPP-FN E 216-219 / 230-233 Nursery Stock
Armada D 39 Young Plants
Armlee Nurseries E 114   Alpines & Perennials
Armor Multiplants E  33-34/55-56/67-68/89-90 Young Plants
Aromany B 44A Glasshouse Services
Atkiro Ltd E 107+108 Nursery Stock
Baldi Alfio & Figlio E  33-34/55-56/67-68/89-90 Mediterranean Plants
Ball Colegrave D 116-119a / D97-99 Seeds & Young Plants
Ball FloraPlant D 116-119a / D97-99 Flowerseed
Bamboo Print Ltd B 30 Point of Sale Material
Barenbrug UK Ltd B 81 Lawn Seed
Barrow Nurseries     E 168 Nursery Stock
Batouwe Boomkwekerijen B V E 94+95 Young Plants
Beekenkamp Plants BV D 111+111a Young Plants
BeeMat Terraseed Ltd D 7 Biodegradable Pre-seeded Growing Mat
Bentomat B 111 Pool Liners
Berkshire Labels Ltd E 66 Labelling

Black Country Metalworks

E 235 Garden Ironwork
Boiler Spares (NW) Ltd D 22 + 23 Heating
Bolton Christmas Trees E 102+103 Christmas Trees
Bom Greenhouses D 50 Greenhouse Strustures
Boomkwekerij Piet Braspenning E 185-188 Rhododendrons & Azaleas
Bord Na Mona UK C 8 Growing Media

Botanica Garden Products

 E 24+25 Growing Media
Botanics International D 77,78, 95+96 Young Plants
Botany Bay Nurseries B 82+89 Young Plants
Bowden Hostas E 149 Hostas, Ferns & Grasses

Bowland Stone

E 258+259  Aggregates
Breeders Seeds Ltd D 93 Seed
Bridge Nursery E 16+17 Perennials
Brinkman UK Ltd D 31-33 / 60-62 Machinery General
British Christmas Tree Growers Association D 41 Trade Organisations
British Protected Ornamental Association E 170 Trade Association
Cadeby Tree Trust E 25+26 Christmas Trees
Calipso (Roast) Ltd. E 150+151 Basketry
Cameron Irrigation Systems Ltd A 52 Irrigation
Carbon Gold Ltd E 164 Growing Media
Carlesi Vivai E 222,223+227 Mediterranean Plants & Specimens

Carrick Cooperage & Garden Supplies Ltd

E 211    Oak Barrels & Timber Products
Castlefields Products C 14, 15+15a Trailers & Trolleys
Certis D 124+125 Chemical Crop Protection
Chamberlain Nurseries E 53 Bedding & Basket Plants

Centro de Jardineria Sils S A

OP4,4a,5,5a Trees
Channel Island Plants A 1-3 Young Plants
Chapel Cottage Plants Ltd D 1+2 Hardy Perennials
Cheshire Christmas Trees E 169 Christmas Trees
Cherry Tree Arboretum B 64   Rare Trees
Chessum Plants C 61 Roses, Fruit & Ornamental Plants
Chrysal D 49a Flower Care 

C Jackson & Sons Ltd

E 257 Timber Display Benches
Classiflora Imports Ltd B 73-78 / 93-100 Nursery Stock
Climate Controls Ltd D 47 Glasshouse Control Equipment
Clover Peat Products D 25+26 Growing Media
Coblands Nurseries B 65 Nursery Stock
Codeway Ltd E 58 Labelling / Barcoding
Cohen Propagation Nurseries D 15+16 Bedding Plants
M & K Cole, Ferns B 37 Australian Tree Ferns
Commercial Horticultural Association E 23 Trade Asssociation
Compo Expert UK Ltd D 3 Fertilisers
Container Centralen A/S c 24+27 Danish Trolleys
Covili Franco Vivai Piante E 41,42,47+48 Mediterranean Plants
Craigmarloch Nurseries Ltd C 57 Nursery Stock
Cresciarvore - Comercio de Plantas Lda E 217   Nursery Stock
Cropley Glasshouses Ltd D 40 Glasshouse Structures
CSY Retail Systems E 62 EPOS Systems
Darby Nursery Stock B 36+55   Nursery Stock
Darwin Perennials D 116-119a / D97-99  Perennial Plants
Davenham Nursery C 19+32   Nursery Stock
David G Ross Ltd C 63-65   Nursery Stock
De Kuil B V E  33-34/55-56/67-68/89-90 Nursery Stock

De Ree UK Ltd

E 30+59       Bulbs

De Vroomen Garden Products

E 30+59  Bare Root Perennials / Paeonies
Debets Schalke BV D 94 Glasshouses

Deco-Pak Ltd

E 253 Aggregates
Decock Pelargonium D 110 Nursery Stock
DecoNova B V D 39 Pot Mums
Desch Plantpak Ltd C 36-38 / 53-55 Pots/Trays/Containers
Desch-Epla B.V. C 36-38 / 53-55 Decorative Pots
Diderk Heinje GmbH & Co KG E 11-14+36 Hardy Nursery Stock
DLF Trifolium Ltd B 24 Grass & Wildflower Seed
Doff Portland Ltd E 140 Chemical Crop Protection
Draper Tools E 166+167 Tools
Duncan & Davies UK Ltd D 21   Nursery Stock (New Zealand)
Durston Garden Products     E 44 Growing Media
Eagle Plants Ltd D 10+11 Young Plants Perennials
Earley Ornamentals Ltd E 77+78 Seeds / Young Plants
Easitill Ltd E 175+176 Epos / Floralabels Labelling

Ecoworm Ltd

E 254 Organic Fertiliser
Electronic & Technical Services Ltd D 41a Control Equipt
Elsner Pac Jungpflanzen D 8+9 Young Plants
Erandi BV B 1 Bare Root Hedging & Forestry Plants
Erfgoed b v D 82 Cultivation Floors

Europlanters Ltd

E 24 Planters
Europlants UK Ltd E 126 - 129 Specimen Plants
Evenproducts Ltd E 4+5 Irrigation
Evergreen Horticultural Products B 107+108 Growing Media
Everris Ltd B 31,32, 39,40,51+52 Growing Media

Exglo UK

E 237   Decking Driver Tool
Fairweather's E 115+116 Nursery Stock
Fargro Ltd C 69-72 / 81-85 Chemical Crop Protection
Farplants Sales Ltd B 59+60   Nursery Stock
FCTP - SP Trading Ltd OP3a   Christmas Trees
Fertil UK E 109 Growing Media
Five Star Polytunnels D 49

Flier Systems B V D 122,122a,123,123a Machinery - Potting, Sowing, Transplanters
Floralabels E 175+176 Labelling
Floramedia UK Ltd D 120,121,120a,121a Labelling
Florensis UK D 71,72,101+102 Young Plants


D 10+11 Young Plants
Floribras Garden Plants E  33-34/55-56/67-68/89-90 Nursery Stock
Florist Holland BV D 77,78,95,,96 Gerbera Breeder
Flow Techniques Ltd E 22 Sprayers
Flowering Plants Ltd D 4+5 Irrigation
Forest Fresh Ireland E 105 + 106   Christmas Trees
Forest Fresh Ltd (Christmas Trees) E 181+182 Christmas Trees
Four Oaks Cash & Carry House F Young Plants
Four Oaks Indian Antiques E 225 Garden Antiques

Franchi Seeds of Italy 1783

D 21 Seeds
Frankrijker P de, & Zonen B V E 220,221,228+229 / Nursery Stock
G Plants Ltd E 226 Bulbs & Gardening Gifts
GAL Systems C 26 Transplanting / Potting Machines
Garden Centre Fresh  E 98-100 European Nursery Stock
Garden Centre Plants Ltd E 29+60 Nursery Stock
Garden Connect Ltd C21 E-marketing
Garden Fitters Ltd OP32 Metalwork

Garden Gear Direct

E 194 Flower Power Stem Trimmer
Garden Magic Ltd B 60a Garden Irrigation
Garden Pride Marketing Ltd OP9 Wrought Iron
Gardeners Kitchen Ltd E 111 Vegetable Plants
Gasa Young Plants UK E 7-10/38-40/49-51/72,73,83,84,112,113 Young Plants
Gebr Van der Plas BV B 103+104 Plant Web Shop
Gedney Bulb Company D 17-19 Bulbs / Alpines
Geerings of Ashford Ltd E 35 Packaging
Geka-Plant bvba B 23+28 Nursery Stock
Genesis Plant Marketing Ltd D 81+52 Plant Marketing Services
GIMA E 261+262 Trade Organisations
Golden Grove Nursery Ltd D 91 Nursery Stock
Grazers Ltd D 89 Crop Protection
Green Magic Co Ltd E 37+52 / Point of Sale
Green Mile Trees OP26 Trees
Green Team (GB) Ltd B 101+102 Christmas Trees & Merchandise
Griffioen Wassenaar BV E  33-34/55-56/67-68/89-90 Herbaceous Perennials

Growing Technologies Ltd

B 25+26 Netting & Ground Cover

Hadopots Ltd

C 30 Pots / Trays / Containers
Hadlow College OP28 Education / Training / Research
Hamilton Design Ltd C 16+35 Seeders
Hans Pannebakker Export B V E 110 Nursery Stock
Hawkesmill Nurseries Company Ltd B 19+20 Nursery Stock
HBS Designs A 57 Glasshouse Construction / Renovation
Heathwood Nurseries E 65 Nursery Stock
Henry Alty Ltd B 79+92 Sundries
HicBibi Nurseries C 9 Container Shrubs, Hebe Specialist

Hilditch Wood Design

E 212 Wooden Planters
HilverdaKooij Plant Technology D 116-119a / D97-99 Pot & Bedding Plants
Hishtil Nurseries Ltd D 77,78,95+96 Bedding Plants / Young Plants
Hogendoorn Wijk En Aalburg B V D 45+48 Nursery Stock
Holland Liners E  33-34/55-56/67-68/89-91 Shrub / Conifer Liners
Home & Garden Products C 61a   Logs
Hooftman, Wm J b v B 62+69 Trees / Shrubs / Japanese Maples
HOPS Labour Solutions D 20 Recruitment
Hortec Grow With Technology Ltd D 107-109 Potting Machines
Horticultural Sales B 64   Nursery Stock
Horticultural Solutions Ltd D 52a Glasshouse Consultancy
Horticulture Week E 45 Trade Publications
Hortifeeds Ltd A 40+41 Fertilisers
Hortipak Ltd C 74+75 Labelling
Hortisystems UK Ltd E 177 Screens
Horto Praia Grande E 233 Indoor / Outdoor Plants
Hotbox International Ltd E 27a+b Heating
Howard Nurseries Ltd E 76 Nursery Stock
HSK Gardening & Leisure E 130 Tree Ferns & NZ Driftwood
Humax Horticulture B 31,32,39,40,51+52 Growing Media
Hydor Ltd OP 16b Ventilation
Huverba B V E 94+95 Nursery Stock
IBN Nurseries E  33-34/55-56/67-68/89-90 Rooted Cuttings
IML Labels & Systems Ltd E 136+137

Labelling / Printers
Impulse Plants B V OP37+38 Nursery Stock
Institute of Horticulture E 192 Trade Organisations
Irish Advanced Liners B 53 Liners
J A Jones & Sons Ltd A 23+26 Trees
J C B Ltd OP39/40 Mechanised Handling
J D Ultrasonics B 50 Ultrasonics
J van Vliet Cash & Carry Group A 31-34   Pot Plants / Cut Flowers C&C
J W Crumm E 33-34/55-56/67-68/89-90 Trees
James Coles & Sons (Nurseries) Ltd E 57 Nursery Stock
James McIntyre & Sons B 4+5 Fruit Stock
Jan Nieuwesteeg BV B 16 Japanese Maples & Rhododendrons

Japan Concept       

D 90

Biodegradable Budding Tape

Jardins Silvestres de Viana E 230 Nursery Stock
Javadoplant BV E 156,157+161 Pot Plants
Javo BV D107-109 Potting Machines
Jelitto Perennial Seeds E 46 Nursery Stock
Jiffy Products (UK) Ltd C 22+29 Growing Media
John Richards Nurseries Ltd    B 35 Nursery Stock
John Turner Phormiums B 64 Phormiums
Johnsons Lawn Seed B 24 Lawn Seed
Johnsons of Whixley Ltd D 129,129a,130,130a Trees & Shrubs
Jong, W de & Zonen B V C 17+34 Nursery Stock
Joseph Noblett.Com B 22+29 Christmas Trees
Juakali E 210,211,238,239 Metal Animal Sculptures
Jurgelucks Nurseries GmbH OP27 Nursery Stock / Fruit Trees
Just Must Perennials D 37 Perennials
Keder Greenhouses Ltd  B 90 Polytunnels
Kees Greeve BV  A 54 Glasshouse Technical Systems
Kelgray Products Ltd D 104 Labelling
Kerisnel Nurseries B 83+88 Nursery Stock
Kernock Park Plants A 46, 47+49 Young Plants
KG Systems BV A 54 Glasshouse Technical Systems
Kieft Pro Seeds D 116-119a / D97-99 Flowerseed
Kilted Christmas Tree Company, The E 1 Wreath Making Machine
Kilworth Conifers E 93 Conifers
Kingfisher Nursery Ltd E 69 Heathers
Kolff Plants (UK) E 33-34/55-56/67-68/89-90 Nursery Stock
Koppert UK Ltd C 59+60 Biological Crop Protection
Kyoto Bonsai E 178 Bonsai
L B S Horticulture E 141-143/152-155/162,163/171-174 Horticultural Distributors
L S Systems Ltd C 39,40,51+52 Horticultural Distributors
Las Cunas B 73-78/93-100 Nursery Stock
Laurica Plants E 146+147 Bay Trees
Laurijssen Nurseries B V E  33-34/55-56/67-68/89-90 Transplants / Hedging / Liners
Limieten Tree Nursery    OP21,21a,22,22a Trees
Living Landscapes E 168 Landscapers
Longborough Concrete Ltd E 6 Aggregates & Planters
Longcombe Labels Ltd E 165 Labelling
Lovania Nurseries Ltd B 11-13 Alpines / Bedding / Shrubs
Lower Hope Festive Products E 135 Christmas Wreaths
Lows of Dundee Ltd C 2-5 Horticultural Distributors
Ludvig Svensson D 86 Screens
Lumena Lights Ltd E 28 Garden Lighting
Maas Plant bv E 139 Trees and shrubs
Macpac C 13 Thermoformed Packaging
Magni Piante B 63+68 Specimens / Mediterranean Plants
Mahood Bros Ltd C 79+80 Nursery Stock
Mainline Energy Solutions A 24+25 Renewable Energy Solutions
Maldwyn Lloyd (Christmas Tree Specialist) E 134   Christmas Trees

Manco Energy

D 92 Biomass Systems
Mariflores Floricultura e Agricultura Lda E 231   Nursery Stock
Mastertag  D97-99.116-119a


McGregor Polytunnels Ltd D 6 Polytunnels

MCS Central Europe

D131,131a,132,132a Heating / Air Conditioning
Mechanical Botanical A 11-15 Machinery General
Melcourt Industries Ltd E 148a Growing Media

Merediths Nurseries

B 66 Nursery Stock
Micron Group A 43 Sprayes / Applicators
Mikskaar AS E 190+191 Growing Media
Millview Nurseries E 2 Bedding / Basket Plants
Minier Nurseries B 42+49 Nursery Stock
MJS Greenhouse Cleaning Services B 44 Glasshouse Services
Mockridge Nursery OP1+1a Nursery Stock
Modiform B V D 27-30 / 63-66 Pots/Trays/Containers
Moerheim New Plant B V OP15 / Young Plants
Moles Seeds (UK) Ltd D 38+55 Seeds

Mondo Industries Ltd


Retail Handling & Display Equipment
More People C 90 Recruitment
Morley Nurseries B 36+55 Ericaceous Plants
Mr Fothergill's Seeds Ltd D 105+106 Flower & Veg Seed
National Polytunnels Ltd E 133 Polytunnels

National  Trust Landscape Collection

C 56 Aggregates & Paving
Natural Cone & Fruit Company E 104 Christmas Merchandise
Naturelight Greenhouses Ltd OP33 Glasshouse Structures

New Leaf Irrigation

B 27   Irrigation
New Leaf Plants Ltd E 15 Nursery Stock
New Place Nurseries E 117-119 Nursery Stock
New Zealand Liners B 38 Nursery Stock
NP Controls OP17 Control Equipment
NP Structures OP16b Polytunnels
Oakgate Nursery B 10 Nursery Stock
Oakleystone Northern Ltd OP3 Garden Ornaments
Oakover Nurseries Ltd D 43+44 Nursery Stock
Olema Engineering C 25 Machinery General
Olsthoorn BV D 40 Glasshouses & Screens
Omex Horticulture Ltd A 50+51 Fertilisers
Omni Solutions GmbH D 13 Propagating Plugs
Optimal-Vertrieb Opits GmbH OP 31+32 Tree Listing Machinery
Oriental Ornamental E189 Garden culptures & Solar Lights
Orlandelli srl A 56 Display Stands/Landscape Design Software
Orvifrusa B73-78/93-100 Mediterranean Plants / Nursery Stock
P G Horticulture Ltd D 88 Horticultural Distributors
PanAmerican Seed D 116-119a / D97-99 Flowerseed
Pannebakker & Co E 43 Nursery Stock
Park Lane Plants Ltd E 220,221,228+229 Nursery Stock
Pennine Products A 35+38 Hanging Baskets
Pentland Plants C11+12 Young Plants
Pepinieres Multibaies B 41 Blueberries
Perennial E 193 Trade Organisation
Peter Dekker Installaties B V D 40 Screens
Petersfield Growing Mediums C 50 Growing Media
Pickmere Nurseries Ltd OP12+13 Perennials
Plandorex France B 54 Young Plants / Bare Root Shrubs
Plant Estate BV E  33-34/55-56/67-68/89-90 Young Plants Perennials & Grasses
Plant Plus B73-78/93-100 Nursery Stock
Plantcare Ltd D 126+127 Crop protection

Planter World

E 24 Planters
Plantline OP17a -20 Nursery Stock
Plantopia Ltd B 80   Hanging Baskets
PlantWorks Limited E144 Garden Centre Sundry Lines
Polybuild Ltd D 56 Polytunnels
Poplar Nurseries Wholesale Ltd E 91 Trees
Poppelaars Nurseries B V E 54 Hedging Plants
Poppelmann GmbH & Co KG D 112-115 / 112a-115a Pots/Trays/Containers
Portugal Fresh E 216-219 / 230-233 Trade Association
Pot Tsar E 20+21 Terracotta / Ceramics
Pots of Distinction Ltd OP2   Large Pots & Planters
PPC Labels B 6+7 Labelling
Profitplant BV E 74 Nursery Stock E 64+64a Computer Systems & Software
Quantil Ltd D 67+68 Young Plants
Quill Productions D 100 Water Sanitiser Product
Quinton Edwards D 87 Consultancy
R Delamore Ltd C 43-48 Young Plants
Raiz da Terra Lda E 218 Young Plants - Hardy Stock
Ravensworth Nurseries C 42+49   Bedding Plants/Young Plants
Reaseheath College E 32 Education Training
Red Barn E 138 Wild Bird Products

Red Earth Pots Ltd       

E 260 Pots & Planters
Rijnbeek & Zoon Perennials E 86+87 Perennials

Riley Growers Ltd

E 53   Orchid Grower
RippleAquaplast B70+71 Irrigation
RiteAir Heating & Engineering Ltd OP25 Heating
Rosebank Nurseries C 68 Bedding Plants
Rotomation UK Ltd A 16-22 Machinery General

Rural Energy

E 97 Biomass


E 22

Biodegradable Coir Products

Schneider B V D93 Young Plants
See It Grow (Botanicoir Ltd) E 63 / Growing Media - Coir

SEER  Rockdust

E 254 Soil Nutrients
Seiont Nurseries E 79-81 Nursery Stock

Senmatic A/S

D 69    LED Glasshouse Lighting
Sicamus Productions C 62 Hydrangeas
Signe Nature B 2+3 Labelling
Skaino Atmos Ltd A 53 Heating

Slug Bell

B 47 Slug & Snail Control
Smith H, Plastics Ltd B 46 Pots/Trays/Containers
Solgrow Ltd D 15-16 Young Plants / Cuttings
Soparco D 35,36,57+58 Pots/Trays/Containers
Sotiplanta E 232 Nursery Stock
Spanish Plants OP4, 4a, 5 +5a Mediterranean Plants - Exotics
Spearhead Turf E 3 Turf
Stairway Trees B 21 Trees
Stagecraft Display Ltd E 156,157+161 Display Benches / Shopfittings
Station House Nursery B 91 Dahlias
Stepping Stones Nursery B 58 Acers & Magnolias

Stobart Biomass

A 45,45a+48 Biomass
Stocks Lane Nurseries Ltd D 75 Bedding Plants
Stolwijk G C, & Co B V OP 6, 6a+7 Nursery Stock
Strawson Woodland E 148   Christmas Trees

Strong Vision

E208+240  Display System
Suttons Nurseries (2000) Ltd B 43+48 Nursery Stock
Sylma bvba A55 Garden Plants
Synergy Health        D 14


Symbio D 73 Fertilisers
Tamar Nurseries Ltd C 23+28 Nursery Stock
Tamata (UK) Ltd E 61 Mature Maple Trees
Teciplante Viveiros de Plantas Lda E 219   Herbs, Vegetable & Bedding Plants
Terrington Machinery Ltd OP16a Horticultural Machinery
Tesi Franco & Stefano SS A 27 - 30 Nursery Stock
Tesi Ubaldo & Figli B 17,18,33,34 + OP14 Specimens / Mediterranean Plants

Tey Farm Systems Ltd

B 67 Irrigation Systems
The Caledonian Tree Company E 132 Superoots Airpots
The Christmas Cabin E 27c Christmas Merchandise
The Northern Liner Company E 82,83,120+121 Nursery Stock
The Real Tree Co Ltd E 75   Christmas Trees
The Smiles Foundation C 1 Charity
The Spanglish Store E 264 Spanish Ceramic Pots
Thermobile UK Ltd C 86-89 Heating
Thompson & Morgan C 18+33 Seeds

Tildenet Ltd

B 25+26 Netting & Ground Cover
Timber Displays Ltd E 31 Timber Garden Products
Top Score Flowerbulbs E 101 Bulbs
Towergate AllSeasons D 83 Insurance


A45.45a,48 Living Wall Systems
Trial Systems Ltd E 224 Landscape Express CAD Softward

Triflora Ltd

E 255+256 Rattan Garden Animals
Tripod Home Ltd OP8 Garden Furniture & Ornaments
TSD International B V C 66+67 Hort Management Software
Tuszynscy D 10+11 Rooted Cuttings / Tissue Culture
Twinacre Nurseries Cheshire Ltd D 76   Heathers
Tworkshop Heating Ltd D 131,131a,132,132a  Heaters/Pressure Washers/Compressors
Tyne Moulds & Machinery Ltd B 45 Sundries
Valoya Oy A 36+37 LED Grow Lights
Van der Luyt Transport OP6,6a+7 Transport
Van Meerten B V E  33-34/55-56/67-68/89-90 Trees
Van Nifterik Holland BV C 41 Plant Supports
Van Riel Nurseries E  33-34/55-56/67-68/89-90 Grasses
Van Roessel E  33-34/55-56/67-68/89-90 Trees
Van Setten, GS & Son E 33-34/55-56/67-68/89-90 Trees
Vannucci Piante E 126-129 Mediteranean Plants
VegTrug Limited E 18+19 Planters
Verwer Dahlias BV D 77,78,95,96 Dahlia Cuttings
Vida Verde Plants BV B 25+26 Indoor & Outdoor Plants
Viking Nurseries Ltd A 39+42 Conifers / Rhododendrons

Viridor Laing

D 12 Growing Media (recycled)
Vital Earth C 8 Growing Media
Vitax Ltd B 8+9 Fertilisers
Vitroflora D 10+11 Annual & Perennials

Vivai Sandro Bruschi

B 84-87  Ornamental Plants
Vivai Vitale Gaetano s.s.a E 183+184 Nursery Stock
Viveiros do Cavado Lda E 216 Conifers
Viveros March S A T 279 B 73-78/93-100 Specimen Trees

Viveros Mas de Valero

OP4,4a,5,5a Mediterranean Plants
Viveros Villanueva Sat. 9.714 B 73-78/93-100 Palms, Sub Tropicals
Volmary GmbH & Co D 34,59+74 Young Plants
Walter Blom Plants B V D 96 Herbaceous Perennials

Westbury Products Ltd

D 70 Hanging Basket Liners
West End Nurseries E 122+123 Nursery Stock
West Kington Nurseries Ltd E 88 Nursery Stock
Westhoff Vertriebgelleschaft D 8+9 Bedding Plants
Westland Horticulture Ltd E 145 Growing Media

Westminster Stone Co

C 56    Flagstones
Westwoods Global Ltd E 215+234 Garden Centre Sundries
Whartons Nurseries B 36+55 Roses
Whetman Pinks Ltd C 10 Pinks & Dianthus
William Sinclair Horticulture Ltd C 76-78 Growing Media
Wood Actually E 214 Wooden Carvings
Woodlodge Products Ltd E 158-160/179,179a,180 Terracotta / Ceramic Planters
Worfield Gardens B 72 Nursery Stock
Wyevale Nurseries Ltd C 58+73 Nursery Stock

Wyeplants Ltd

C 41 Climbing Plants
X L Horticulture Ltd D 46 Polythene Products
Yara UK Ltd E 131 Fertilisers
Young Plants Ltd D 53,54,79+80 Young Plants
Zelari Piante B 73-78/93-100 Mediterrranean Plants
Zenflora A/S E7-10/38-40/49-51/72,73,83,84,112,113 Nursery Stock
Zest 4 Leisure OP7b Timber Garden Products

Telephone: +44 (0) 1477 571392
Fax: +44 (0) 1477 571314
Pat Coutts

Event Director
Tel: +44 (0) 1477 571392
(mob 07767 640420)

Farm Lane, Lower Withington,
Macclesfield, Cheshire,
SK11 9DU,
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