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September 3 ~ 4th 2019

The UK's Premier Show for Ornamental Horticulture

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Company Name Stand Number Website Product Categories
A S T A Piante srl E 133 Nursery Stock
AB Buxus OP23+24 Buxus
Acers Unlimited B 37,38,53,54 Acers
ACT Publishing E 70 Trade Publications
Adrian Ayley UK Ltd B 37,38,53,54 Agent
Adriaan van de Bijl Boomkwekerijen B 84-87 Trees - Field Grown & Container
Aerona (Air & Sea) Customs Clearing Agents Ltd D 52a Customs Clearing Agents
Aeroplas Ltd B 105+106 Pots/Trays/Containers
Agralan E 65 Biological Crop Protection
Agrigem Ltd D 89 Agrochemicals & Fertilisers 
Air Plants Heating E 20-22 Heating
Allensmore Nurseries Ltd C 6-8 Bedding Plants
Alpha Plants E 122 / Bedding/Basket Plants
Altitude 500 E 37+52 Christmas Trees
Andre Briant Jeunes Plants D 93 Young Plants of Trees & Shrubs
Andreini Vivai Piante B 90, 81, 70 + 61 Nursery Stock
Anglo Aquatic Plant Co Ltd E 69 Aquatic Plants
Anglo Eastern Trading Co Ltd B 56-58 Planters, Baskets, Troughs
Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA) D 6 / A35-38 Health Information & Advice
Apac Packaging Ltd C 18+33 Packaging & Floristry Products
Apta Pottery E 117+118 Pottery / Planters
Armada D 77,78, 95+96 Young Plants
Armlee Nurseries E 116 Alpines & Perennials
Arysta Life Science C 13 Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides
Asia Pots E 263-265 Ceramic & Terracotta Pots & Planters
Atoplan Products B 36+55 Plastic Film & Woven Fabrics
Baldwin’s Nursery E 53 Clematis & Climbing Plants
Ball Colegrave D 116,116a,117,117a Seeds & Young Plants
Ball FloraPlant D 116,116a,117,117a Rooted Cuttings-Annuals
Barrett, W S & Son Ltd OP16 Materials Handling /Trucks /Trollies
Bathgate Silica Ltd E 123-125 Growing Media
Beaver Plants   B 25+26 Aquatic, Garden & Lifestyle Plants
Beekenkamp Plants D 111+111a Ornamental Plant Breeder
BHGS - Evesham, Hayle & Chichester C 47 Horticultural Distributors
Bionema Ltd C 31 Pest Control
Blue Roo Imports E 146+147 Christmas Merchadise - Pre-it Reindeer
Blue Point Tage & Labels E 173 Tags & Labels
Blue Ribbon Plants B 48 Bedding Plants
Boiler Spares (NW) Ltd D 22 + 23 Heating
Bolton Christmas Trees E 102+103 Christmas Trees
Boomkwekerij Gerrit Luiten OP22a Old Fruit Trees
Botanics International D 77,78, 95+96 Young Plants
Boweco D 11 Nursery Stock
Bridge Nursery E 16+17 Perennials
Brinkman UK Ltd D 49 Hort. Distributor/Glasshouse Automation
British Christmas Tree Growers Association D 41a Trade Organisations
British Protected Ornamental Association A 35-38 Trade Organisations
Bulrush Horticulture Ltd D 31,32,61,62 Growing Media
C Jackson & Sons Ltd E 257-259 Timber Display Benches
Cadeby Tree Trust E 25+26 Christmas Trees
Cambridge HOK E 27a+b Glasshouse Structures
Carlesi Vivai B 17,18,33,34 Mediterranean Plants & Specimens
Castlefields Products C 14+15 Trailers & Trolleys
Centro de Jardineria Sils S A OP4,4a,5,,5a Trees
Chapel Cottage Plants Ltd D 1+2 Hardy Perennials
Charles Taylor Trading E 210-213/236-239/254-256 Timber Garden Furniture
Cheshire Nurseries OP27  Evergreen Hedging
Christmas Cabin E 27c Christmas Merchandise
Churnet Valley Garden Furniture E 216-219 / 230-233 Hand Made Wooden Garden Furniture & Arbours
CK Services 1990 Ltd D 86 Commercial Heatin & Air Conditioning
ClassifloraZelari B 73-78 / 93-95 + OP14 Meditteranean Plants & Specimens
Clover Peat Products D 24-26 Growing Media
Cohen Propagation Nurseries Ltd D 15-16 Ornamental Plant Breeder
Commercial Horticultural Association A 53 Trade Asssociation
Compo Expert UK Ltd D 39 Fertilisers
Consorzio Ortovivaisti Pistoiesi E 214+215 Italian Growers Co-operative
Copely Developments Ltd D 18 Garden & Horticultural Hoses
Covili Franco Vivai Piante E 41,42,47+48 Mediterranean Plants / Specimens
Craigmarloch Nurseries Ltd E 83 Nursery Stock
Dalefoot Composts E 3 Growing Media
Darwin Perennials D 116,116a,117,117a Perennial Plants
Davenham Nursery C 19+32 Nursery Stock
David Austin Roses B 91 Roses
David G Ross Ltd C 63-65 Nursery Stock
De Ree UK Ltd E 77-80  Flowerbulbs
De Vroomen Garden Products E 77-80 Bare Root Perennials
Denis-Plants bvba E 107+108 Young Plants
Desch Plantpak Ltd C 36-38 / 53-55 Pots/Trays/Containers
Desch-Epla B.V. C 36-38 / 53-55 Decorative Pots
Diderk Heinje Nurseries E 11-14+ 36 Hardy Stock/Rhododendrons
Direct Sicily BV E 28+29 Mediterranean Plants
DJM Greenhouse Services C 60 Glasshouse Services
Dool Plant C 4 Conifers, Shrubs & Christmas Lines
Doran Nurseries Ltd  C 87-90+66 Heathers
Dura-ID Solutions  E 150+151 Labelling & Printing Systems
Durston Garden Products C 41 Growing Media
Dutch Imports & Daughters E 82 Garden Furniture/ Ornaments / Planters
Dutch Logistics Ltd B 64+67 Transport Flowers & Plants
Earley Ornamentals Ltd D 53,54,79+80 Seeds / Young Plants
Easitill Ltd E 175+176 Epos / Floralabels Labelling
East Riding Horticulture Ltd B 46+47 Horticultural Distributors
Ebtech Glasshouse Systems Ltd D 7+8 Glasshouses & Associated Services
Edinburgh Table Company OP 34 Indoor & outdoor Handmade Tables & Benches
E J Godwin (Peat Industries) E 56 Growing Media / Nursey Stock
Elburg Smit b v D 42+51 Labels & Packaging
Ellipse Fabrications D 83 Polytunnels, Canopies & Walkways
Elsner Pac Jungpflanzen D 77,78, 95+96 Plant Breeder / Pelargoniums
Elsoms Seeds D 33 Vegetable Seeds
ErfGoed D 69+104 Cultivation Floor
Eureka Growing Systems C 75 Irrigation, Heating, Glasshouses, Screen Systems
Euromedia Associates E 172 Garden Trade Specialist Magazine
Europlants UK Ltd E 126 - 129 Mediterranian Plants/Specimens
Evergreen Horticulture B 107-109 Growing Media
Evestone Ltd OP3 Garden Ornaments
Excelerate Ltd E 152+153 Trolley & Pallet Wrapping Films
Expertrees B 43 Seedlings & Young Plants
Fairweather's E 81  Nursery Stock
Fairwood Christmas Trees E 220+229 Christmas Trees
Fargro Ltd C 67-72 / 81-86 Pesticides / Pots/Trays/Containers
FCTP - SP Trading Ltd OP3a Christmas Trees
Fillingham Christmas Trees C 56 Christmas Trees
Floralabels E 175+176 Labelling
FloraLife D 3 Flower Care Products
Floramedia UK Ltd D 120,121,120a,121a Labelling
Floranova D 9+10 Flower Seed Breeder
Flor-Coop C 78-80 Acidophil Plants / Flowering Plants
Florensis UK D 71,72,101+102  Young Plants
Florist Holland BV D 77,78,95,96 Gerbera Breeder
Flowering Plants Ltd D 4+5 Irrigation
Fordingbridge Ltd C 45 Canopies & Walkways
Forest Fresh Ltd (Christmas Trees) E 166+167 Christmas Trees
Four Oaks Cash & Carry House F Plant & Sundries Cash & Carry
Four Oaks Indian Antiques E 225  / OP42 Indian Garden Antiques
Franchi Seeds 1783 C 3 Seeds
G O & M L Jones E 145 Christmas Trees
GAL Systems C 26 Transplanting / Potting Machines
Galardi Piante Vivai E 119-121 Nursery Stock
Garden Connect Ltd E 164 E-marketing
Gardeners Kitchen Ltd E 111 Vegetable Plants
Gardening Thyme E 260 Caribbean Pots
Gasa Young Plants A/S E 112-115 Young Plants
Gebr Alkemade C 17+34 Perennial Plug
Gedney Bulb Company D 17 Bulbs/Herbaceous/Alpines
Gelderplant Export BV C 9+10 Trees, Plants, Shrubs
Genesis Plant Marketing Ltd D 81+52 Marketing Services
GIMA A 35-38 Trade Organisation
Giorgio Tesi Vivai Group E 67,68,89,90 Nursery Stock
Golden Grove Nursery Ltd D 91 Conifers
Green Magic Co UK E154+155 Point of Sale
Green Mile Trees OP26 Trees/Shrubs/Conifers/Hedging
Growmoor Better Growing D 67,68,105,106 Growing Media
Greenfield Software E 149 Nursery Management Software
Greenstone Heat Pumps E 62 Heat Pumps
Greenyard Horticulture Belgium E 31 Growing Media
GrowStack Ltd E 177 Hydropnic System
Hadopots Ltd E 66 Pots / Trays / Containers
Hamilton Design Ltd, T W C 16+35 Seeders
Handelskwekerijen Hoogenraad BV C 20+21 Hardy Nursery Stock:Liners & Saleable
Hansons Garden E 139 Garden Gloves; Garden Gifts; Fabric Planters
Hatton Christmas Trees E 190 Christmas Trees
Hawkesmill Nurseries Company B 19+20 Nursery Stock
HilverdaKooij Plant Technology D 116,116a,117,117a Plant Breeder - Pot / Bedding
Hishtil Nurseries Ltd D 77,78,95+96 Unrooted Cuttings & Plug Plants
Hogendoorn Holland BV D 45+48 Grasses & Perennials
Holland Liners C 5 Shrubs & Conifers as P9 Liners
Hortec Grow With Technology Ltd D 107-109 Javo Potting / Handling Machines
Horticultural Trades Assocation A 35-38 Trade Organisations
Horticulture Week E 45 Trade Publications
Hortifeed D 126+127 Fertilisers
Hortipak Ltd C 42 Labelling
Hortisystems UK Ltd E 177 Screens
Hotbox International            E 27a+b    Heating
Howard Nurseries Ltd E 76 Hardy Perennials
HSK Gardening & Leisure E 130 Tree Ferns & NZ Driftwood
Huverba B V E 94- 97 Nursery Stock
Hygeia Chemicals E 4 ¦ Fertilisers, Weedkillers, Lawncare
ICL UK & Ireland B 31,32, 39,40,51+52  Growing Media / Fertilisers / Plant Prrotection
Impulse Plants B V OP37+38 Nursery Stock
INDO Lightng C 74 LED Grow Lights
Infinity Christmas Trees E 109 Christmas Trees
InstaShade Parasols OP35+36 Parasols
Irish Advanced Liners B 37,38,53,54 Evergreen Shrubs
J C B Ltd OP21,21a,22 Handling Machinery - Plants & Trees
Jakins, A & Sons Christmas Trees D 130-132/130a-132a +88 Christmas Trees
Jaldety Propagation Nurseries D 15-16 Perennial Cuttings
James McIntyre & Sons B 4+5 Fruit Stock
Jan Nieuwesteeg BV E 71 Japanese Maples & Rhododendrons
Japan Hort Business OP16a Japanese Garden Bonsai
Jardine Leisure OP9 Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture
Javo BV D 107-109 Javo Potting / Handling Machines
Jelitto Perennial Seeds E 46 Perennial Seed
JFH Horticultural Supplies Ltd C 23+28 Horticultural Distributors
Jiffy Products (UK) Ltd C 22+29 Jiffy Growing Medium
John Richards Nurseries Ltd C 44  Nursery Stock 
Joost Kerklaan BV D 21 Glasshouse Structures
Joseph Noblett.Com B 22+29 Christmas Trees
Joy of Plants B 15 Bed Cards & Plant Information Products
Juakali @ Akamba T 3 Metal African Animal Scupltures
Julgransajten Ltd E 58 Christmas Trees
Jurgelucks Nurseries GmbH D 12+13 Trees & Hedging
Just Must Perennials D 37 Perennials as Plugs
Keder Greenhouses Ltd D 98 Polytunnels
Kees Greeve  D 85 Glasshouse Technical Systems
Kelly's Nursery Ltd C 87-90+66 Hedging / Mature Hedging Plants 
Kempke, Boomkwekerij 't E 35+54 Trees & Container Plants
Kerisnel Nurseries B 82+89 Nursery Stock
Kernock Park Plants Ltd A 1-3 / 47-49 Young Plants
KG Systems D 85 Glasshouse Technical Systems
Kieft Pro Seeds D 116,116a,117,117a Perennial Seed
Kilted Christmas Tree Company E 1+2 Wreath Making Machine
King Feeders UK T 1+2 Eco Green Composter
Kingsley Smythe E 183-186 Teak Garden Furniture
Kilworth Conifers E 93 Conifers
Koppert UK Ltd C 59 Biological Crop Protection
Kronus SIA D 124+125 Garden Accessories
Kwazar UK Ltd E 43 Sprayers & Watering Systems
L B S Worldwide E 156,157+161 Horticultural Distributors
L & K Dunne Nurseries C 87-90+66   Nursery Stock
L S Systems Ltd C 39,40,51+52 Horticultural Distributors
Leon Boots Co E 163 Wellington Boots
Les Pepinieres de France C 46 Nursery Stock Group
Lloyd Forestry Products E 178 Christmas Trees & Foliage, Moss, Wreath Making Machine
Lovania Nurseries Ltd B 11-14 Trees & Shrubs Wholesale
M & K Cole Ferns B 37,38,53,54 Australian Tree Ferns
Mac Egan Engineering E 32+33 Display Trolleys & Garden Centre Lines
Macpac C 76+77 Thermoformed Packaging
Magni Piante B 63+68 Mediterranean Plants / Specimens
Maldwyn Lloyd Christmas Trees D 110 Christmas Trees
Mardenkro BV C 62 ReduSystems Removable Glasshouse Coatings
Maryam Flora UK B 44 Tuberose & Anthurium Cut Flowers
MasterTag D 116,116a,117,117a Labelling
Mechanical Botanical A 39-42 Machinery General
Melcourt Industries Ltd E 148a Growing Media
Millview Nurseries E 122 Bedding / Basket Plants
Mims Pottery E 141-144 Pots & Planters - Glazed & Terracotta
Minier Nurseries B 42+49 Nursery Stock
Mockridge Nursery OP1+1a Nursery Stock
Modiform B V D 27-30 / 63-66 Pots/Trays/Containers
Moles Seeds (UK) Ltd D 38+55 Ornamental & Veg Seed
More People C 1 Recruitment
Mprise Agriware™ D 84 Software for Nurseries & Greenhouses
Mr Fothergill's Seeds Ltd D 43+43a Flower & Veg Seed
National Polytunnels Ltd D 87 Polytunnels
Naylor Gardenware E 168+169 Flowerpots
Needlefresh Direct E 34+55 Christmas Trees
Neudorff W, GmbH KG D 92 Biological Crop Protection
New Leaf Irrigation D 14 Irrigation
New Leaf Plants Ltd E 15 Clematis & Climbing Plants
Newey Garden Ready D 73,74,99+100 Herbaceous Perennials / Herbs / Alpines
Newey Perennial Plugs & Liners D 73,74,99+100 /   Perennial Plugs & Liners
Newey Young Plants D 73,74,99+100 Young Plants
Noble Green Energy E 62 Energy
Northern Polytunnels OP16b+17 Polytunnels
Oakgate Nursery B 10 Nursery Stock
Oakleystone Northern Ltd OP3 Garden Ornaments
Oakover Nurseries Ltd B 65+66 Trees / Transplants / Hedging / Liners
Oakton Garden Products OP13 Fencing, Decking & Garden Products
Olema Engineering    C 24+25 General Machinery
Olsthoorn BV D 40 Glasshouses & Screens
Omex Horticulture Ltd D 60 Fertilisers
Oro Agri BV A 50 Fertilisers & Pesticides
Orvifrusa B 73-78 / 93-95 Mediterranean Plants / Nursery Stock
P De Frankrijker & Zonen B V D 118,118a,119,119a + 97 / Nursery Stock
P G Horticulture Ltd D 128+129 Horticultural Distributors
P Tolan Plants D 90 Seed & Cutting Raised Plants / Logistics
PanAmerican Seed D 116,116a,117,117a Ornamental Plant Breeder
Pannebakker & Co E 44 Nursery Stock
Pannebakker Plants E 110 Nursery Stock
Park Lane Plants Ltd D 118,118a,119,119a + 97 Nursery Stock
Passfield Data Systems Ltd C 27 Computer Systems & Software
Pentland Plants C11+12 Young Plants
Perennial E 187 Horticultural Charity
Perpetual Energy Ltd D 82 Biomass Fuel Supplier
Peter Dekker Installaties B V D 40 Screens
Petersfield Growing Mediums D 94 Growing Media
Philip Harkness Roses C 61 Roses
Plandorex France B 37,38,53,54 Young Plants
Plant Iberia E 30+59 Plant Importers - Spain & Portugal
Plantline OP17a -20 / A14-26, 56+57 Nursery Stock
Plantopia Ltd C 30 Hanging Baskets
Polybuild Ltd D 56 Polytunnels
Polyhouses (a division of Fortingbridge plc) C 45 Polytunnels
Poplar Nurseries Wholesale Ltd E 91+92 Trees
Poppelmann GmbH & Co KG D 112-11. / 112a-113a Pots/Trays/Containers
Poterie Goicoechea E 181+182 Earthenware Pottery
Pots of Distinction Ltd OP2 Large Pots & Planters
Pot Tsar E 188+189 Terracotta & Stoneware
Powys & Marches Stone Supplies E 105+106 Rockery Stone Pre-packed Aggregates
PPC Labels B 6+7 Labelling
Premier Decorative Aggregates B 21+30 Decorative Aggregates, Walling, Water Features
Priva UK Ltd C 57 Priva Compass Controller
QCR Recycling Equipment A 43+44 Recycling Equipment E 64+64a Computer Systems & Software
Quinton Edwards E 165 Consultancy
R & G Export BV B 1-3 Outdoor Plants
Ravensworth Nurseries C 49 Starter Plants
Readyhedge Ltd B 8+9 Instant Hedging / Screening
Reaseheath College D 41 Education & Training
Red Barn     E 138 Wild Bird Products
REMIN (Scotland) Ltd E 57 Rockdust - Soil Nutrients
Restructa Ltd E 262 Eco-Friendly Glass Aggregate
Rijnbeek & Zoon Perennials - Export B V E 86+87 Perennials
RippleAquaplast B 80 Irrigation
RiteAir Heating & Engineering Ltd OP25 Heating
Riverco Trading Ltd E 221-223 / 226-228 Redwood Garden Furniture
Romiti Vivai B 71+72 Nursery Stock
Rotomation UK Ltd A12,13,27-30,54+55 Machinery General
RPC BPI Agriculture OP39+40 Polythene Film
SAP Holland D 20 Wholesale Nursery Stock Online
Schneider BV D 34+59 Young Plants
Seiont Nurseries B 16+35 Liner & Plug Producer
Selby Stone E 162 Stone Garden Ornaments
Senmatic A/S E 7 LED Glasshouse Lighting
Simple Pleasures Bulbs E 77-80 Flowerbulbs
Sinclair  D 114,114a,115,115a Growing Media
Sjaak van der Vijver b.v B 64+67 Cut Flower Wholesaler
Skaino Services A 52 Heating
Smith H, Plastics Ltd D 44 Pots/Trays/Containers
Smithers Oasis UK D 3  Propagation Media
SNRG Horticulture Structures Ltd D 19 Polytunnels & Glasshouse Structures
Solgrow Ltd D 15+16 Propagation Material
Solufeed D 50 Fertilisers
Soparco D 35,36,57+58 Pots/Trays/Containers
Spanish Plants OP4, 4a, 5 +5a Mediterranean Plants - Exotics
Station House Nursery D 90 Dahlias
Stepping Stones Nurseries New Zealand B 37,38,53,54 Acers & Ornamental Plants
Stervinou Pepinieres B 59+60 Camellias & Ericaceous
Stocks Lane Nurseries Ltd D 75 Plant & Sundries Cash & Carry
Stolwijk, G C & Co B V OP 6, 6a+7 Nursery Stock
Strawson Woodland E 148 Christmas Trees
Suntory Flowers Europe D 122,122a,123,13a Young Plants
Sustane Fertiliser E 174 Fertilisers
Suttons Nurseries (2000) Ltd B 83+88 Shrubs & Fruit Stock
Teal International Ltd E 134-137 Planters, Containers & Giftware
The Plant Pots C 2 Pots
The Real Tree Co Ltd E 75 Christmas Trees
The Terracotta Pot Co OP8 Terracotta Pots
Thermobile UK Ltd E 98-101 Heating
The Willow Wand E24 Living Art Sculpture Willow Tree
Trade Only Plant Sales Ltd C 58+73 Bedding / Basket Plants
Treadstone Products E 60+61 Garden Centre Sundry Lines
Tripod Home Ltd OP15 Garden Furniture & Ornaments
TSD International B V D 70+103 Hort Management Software
TTR Euroworks E 23 Labelling & Printing
Turcieflor D 77,78,95,96 Alstroemeria & Agapanthus
Twinacre Nurseries Cheshire Ltd D 76 Heathers
Tyne Moulds & Machinery Ltd B 45+44a Sundries
Ulinscy E 5+6 Ornamental Plants
USP Creations - Wonderwall B 110+111 Wonderwall Vertical Wall Garden
Valagro UK E66a Biostmulants
Van der Knaap Group C 50 Rooting & Growing Media
Van der Luyt Transport OP6,6a+7 Transport
Van den Oever VOF E 19 Christmas Tree Wholesale
Van Eyken, F BV E 104 Buxus
Van Vliet New Plants B V B 101-104 Nursery Stock
Vannucci Piante E126-129 / Mediterraniam Plants/Specimens
Veldhuizen & Bisselink E 171 Christmas Tree Stands & Products
Viking Nurseries Ltd B 79+92 Conifers & Rhododendrons
Vitax Grower D 126+127 Fertilisers
Vivai Reali Umberto B 23,24,27,28 Ornamental Outdoor Plants & Topiary Art
Viveros Las Cunas B 73-78 / 93-95 Nursery Stock
Viveros March S A T 279 B 73-78 / 93-95 Specimen Trees
Viveros Mas de Valero OP4,4a,5,5a Mediterranean Plants
Volmary C 43+48 Young Plants
W de Jong & Zonen B V C 17+34 Container & Field Grown Hardy Stock
Walter Blom Plants B V D 96 Herbaceous Perennials & Shrubs
West Kington Nurseries Ltd E 88 Herbaceous / Alpines / Herbs / Ferns
Wezelenburg, T Handelskwekerij BV B 100 Trees, Shrubs, Conifers
Wilma's Lawn & Garden Ltd A 31+34 Fertilisers & Growing Media
Wm J Hooftman b v B 62+69 Ornamental Trees & Shrubs
Woodlodge Products Ltd E 158-160/179,179a,180 Terracotta
X L Horticulture Ltd D 46+47 Polythene Products
Yara UK Ltd E 131+132 Fertilisers
Zelari Piante B 73-78/93-95 / OP14 Garden Centre & Specimen Plants
Zenflora A/S E 7-10/38-40/49-51/72-74/83-85 Pot Plants   
Zest 4 Leisure OP7b Timber Garden Products




Four Oaks Wholesale Cash & Carry


Event Director
Telephone +44 (0) 1477 571392
Mobile 07767 640420

In case of problems with company email
messages can be sent to

Farm Lane, Lower Withington,
Macclesfield, Cheshire,
SK11 9DU

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