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September Sept 5 ~ 6th 2017

The UK's Premier Show for Ornamental Horticulture

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2.00 – 2.30 pm

An holistic approach to plant production
Andrew Wilson and Martin Donnelly, ICL Professional Horticulture 

A talk by Andrew Wilson and Martin Donnelly of ICL Professional Horticulture will focus on:
Precision Nutrition, and how using new technology can  match plant demand to inputs whilst minimising  environmental impact. Sustainable crop protection techniques, embracing IPM and the use of biological products while addressing the challenges of existing legislation.




11.00 – 11.30 pm

Implementing biorationals in the ornamental crop sector for successful IPM strategies
Certis Europe

Ornamental growers have been under increasing industry and consumer pressure to implement more sustainable practices, and as a result more growers are seeking alternative crop protection options to conventional technologies – particularly with the impact of recent regulatory changes on product choice.

When brought together as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy, biorationals help to achieve and maintain effective control of pests, as well as playing a key part in the sustainable production of ornamental crops.

A strong instance of this is the control of Western Flower Thrip (WFT) in ornamentals - a notoriously difficult pest to control, which deforms leaves and flowers and stunts plant growth rendering crops unsaleable even with low infestation levels. This pest is renowned for its high rate of reproduction and its increasing resistance to a number of chemical modes of action. However, case studies from the Netherlands and UK provide a successful example of WFT control utilising biorationals as part of an IPM approach, which UK growers can learn from and adapt to suit their individual situations.



12.00 – 12.30 pm

Building  IPM Programmes for Growing Success
David Hide and Paul Tate, Fargro Ltd

The presentation will  look at the key building blocks of an IPM programme including,  monitoring and staff  training , environmental management, the introduction of biological controls and the selection of IPM compatible plant protection products.

David Hide and Paul Tate from Fargro’s technical team will  explain  the most up-to-date techniques  used when putting programmes together and will explore the ever increasing range of biopesticides  and macro biologicals that are now being utilised within IPM planning.  A number of blueprint programmes will be included in the presentation.

David Hide is an IPM specialist with more than 30 years industry experience.

Paul Tate is a Technical Sales Manager also with more than 30 years industry experience both work within Fargro’s Technical team, which is the market leader in innovative plant protection products.
This presentation  is registered for BASIS and NRoSO points.




1.30 – 2.00 pm

A practical guide to water soluble and foliar feeding
Andrew Wilson, ICL Professional Horticulture

Andrew Wilson, Technical Manager for ICL Professional Horticulture with provide a practical guide on the use and application of water soluble and foliar fertilizers within the ornamentals sector. By relating their use to that of a plants demand for nutrients over a growing cycle, he will explain the what’s, the whys and the when’s, hopefully taking the mystery out of water soluble feeding. He will provide practical tips on optimizing growers’ WSF nutrition programmes and discuss how to maximise crop potential.

The seminar will include: -

  • Water Soluble feeding in practice, monitoring feed levels, application techniques, including Dosatron calibration and use.

  • Picking  the right product for your water type and  each plant  growth stage

  • Meeting the plants need with combination feeding using Osmocote with supplementary WSF.

  • Coping with deficiencies with foliar feeds, application techniques and key points to success.



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